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Features & Benefits


Eliminates harmonic distortion – harmonics are disruptions in the flow of electricity, causing energy to become inefficient and driving up the cost. The BPU cleans electricity coming off the grip to remove distortions, so power runs evenly through the facility.

Captures and regenerates wasted power – much of the electricity drawn from the grid (and paid for) goes unused. With a BPU, that excess energy is stored in the system’s reactor core. The BPU becomes the first source of energy in the facility’s electrical configuration, so stored energy is used up before more is drawn from the meter.

Increases longevity of facility equipment – by improving harmonics, sags and swells, and unbalanced phases, the BPU reduces the impact of poor power quality on the facility’s sensitive equipment. The BPU allows the electrical system to run cooler, which increases equipment life and reduces maintenance costs.


The BPU system is the most comprehensive Energy Management technology available today. While other devices may provide one or two of the benefits, just one of our BPU systems covers all of your energy needs:

  • 10-20% reduced kilowatt usage & energy costs – guaranteed

  • Protection from lightning and power surges

  • Power quality improvement & less equipment maintenance costs

  • Reduced impact on sensitive electrical equipment


Energy consumption is immediately reduced, and the system is guaranteed to drive a minimum 11% reduction in kilowatt usage. The BPU will pay for itself in no longer than 24 months, and with a 10 year full replacement warranty, you can expect long-term savings.



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